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Sexleksaksnyheter för män


Only in recent years have sex toys for men completely revolutionized pleasure and masturbation. In fact, sex toys for men did not even exist a few years ago, at least not to the extent we see today. 

Thankfully, over time this has changed and today there is basically just about anything to choose from. In this article I will tell you more about sex toys for men but also present some news you really must not miss before 2022.

What exactly are sex toys for men?

If you have never been in contact with the term before, I can understand that it can actually seem a little difficult to know what sex toys are. To make it a little easier, I list the most common toys below and explain the meaning of these. 

  • Penis pump. A penis pump helps you inflate your penis to an erection. It looks a bit like a tube with a pump where you insert the penis into the tube and then pump in air, which means that the penis is forced to fill the space. Many people also use the penis pump regularly to increase the size, length and girth of the penis.

  • Fleshlight. You use a fleshlight as a loose vagina. Fleshlight is hugely popular with men all over the world and can be used both on its own by inserting the penis into and out of the vagina or why not with your partner. Today, fleshlight is available in all different models, e.g. has several porn stars depicted their own vagina in fleshlight.

  • Sex doll . A sex doll is exactly what it sounds like, an image of a real butt and vagina. Perfect for you who appreciate the realistic feeling. 

  • Masturbator. The masturbator is designed to give you extra stimulation during masturbation. A masturbator comes in several different models and with different functions. You can experience both vibration, suction, ironing and warming effects. In addition, most mastubators are fully automatic, all to make the feeling as realistic as possible.

  • Analkulor. Used as it sounds in the anal and works for both women and men. The anal balls increase the stimulus and make the orgasm even stronger, especially and you pull out the balls during the orgasm moment. 

  • Prostate staff. A prostate rod is used to stimulate the prostate which is inside the man’s anal and can be compared to the woman’s G-spot. By inserting the rod into the anal, the prostate is stimulated and provides extra stimulation during both masturbation and sex.

  • Buttplugs . Used in the same way a prostate rod and or anal balls. It provides extra stimulation and increases enjoyment. You can use it both on your own and with your partner. A butt plug is also perfect to start using if you are curious about anal sex games. It is often smaller and easier to insert than a prostate rod.

  • Penis ring . A penis ring or cock ring as it is also called is used at the bottom of the penis root and makes the erection stronger and longer lasting. Many pen fuses also have a vibrator that stimulates the clitoris during intercourse with a woman. 

  • Loose vaginas. The loose vagina works a bit like a fleshlight and often has vibrations or suction. It should simply mimic intercourse or blowjob in as realistic a form as possible. Many vaginas also look like real vaginas or mouths.

  • Realdoll. A real doll is as similar to human contact as it can get. It’s just like it sounds like a doll completely in human form, both weight, appearance and structure feel real. A sex partner to count on in wet and dry whether you prefer men or women. 

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The year 2020 really became the sex toy year for both men, women and couples. The vast majority of us spend more time than ever at home, which has contributed to more and more people daring to try a new sex toy. 

Sex toys for men have long been seen as something taboo and something that is primarily aimed at hemosexual men. Fortunately, times have changed and today there really is something for everyone, regardless of preference. 

In recent years, sex toys have really become immensely popular and more and more couples, men and women are using sex toys regularly. Whether you are new to the market and do not have much experience or, on the contrary, you have extensive experience of sex toys, there is guaranteed to be something for you. 

In 2020, the fleshlight became very popular. It is small and easy to take with you while it often comes with a variety of features, all for your enjoyment. Today, you can even buy fleshlights that have the design of famous porn actors, that is, the design of their vaginas. 

The sex toy industry is developing at an ever faster pace and already in recent years we have been able to buy more and more realistic products that really give that ultimate pleasure. Today, many of the toys also have a built-in sound function that communicates authentic moans, which really gives that realistic feeling. 

It is quite clear that the development of sex toys for men during the year will go straight up. We already have mastubators that provide vibration, sound and really realistic blowjobs. The future looks bright and with new innovative technology, I believe and expect that the selection will be larger and the feeling even more growing.


Why is it that men use sex toys to a much lesser extent? According to several surveys, it is evident that more women than men regularly use sex toys. I think it’s boring, it’s so much more fun and above all gives so much more pleasure when you use toys. 

To me, there are clearly only benefits to owning and using sex toys, whether you are male or female. To own a sex toy is to own their sexuality, you deserve pleasure and why not make it all a little more fun and a little more exciting by owning a toy? 


  • It’s a perfect way to get to know yourself and your body

By masturbating regularly, you will also find little tricks and easy ways to orgasm. This is not only nice for you but also for your future or current partner. 

  • A great way to spice up the relationship

By adding a sex toy to the relationship, your intercourse is guaranteed to feel more exciting. Today, there are even sex toys that stimulate you both during sex. A penis ring e.g. the ring is attached to the root of the penis and at the same time as it stimulates the man, the ring gives off a vibration that also stimulates the woman’s G-spot. 

  • Using sex toys is a way to explore your own sexuality

You may have never received a prostate stimulant before? This is not uncommon and many men feel a little scared to give it a try. But the fact is that it will actually take the enjoyment to a whole new level. Stimulation of the prostate is similar to the woman’s G-spot, so why not take every opportunity available for extra pleasure. 

  • This will make your erection last longer during intercourse

By masturbating regularly, it takes longer to actually come, which means that the pleasure lasts longer, both for you and your partner. In fact, the more you masturbate the easier it will be to control your own orgasm. 


Are you eager to take your sex life to a whole new level? I understand that! Sex toys for men come in two categories, the ones you use yourself and the ones that are at least as good to use with a partner. 

If you have never used a sex toy before, I recommend starting by buying lubricant. By just using lubricant and then masturbating, many people already discover a whole new dimension of masturbation. A lubricant provides less friction and makes it easier for the hand to slide up and down the penis, in addition, the lubricant becomes hot and even then many feel an extra satisfaction. 

If you want to take it a step further and try a toy, a simple sex toy is to start with the penis ring. It has a simple function and hardly takes up any space in the drawer. The idea of the penis ring is simple, you put it on the penis and it strengthens the position while making the penis and glans more sensitive. If you want to use it with a partner, there are penis rings with vibration.

For those of you who are hungry for a toy to use with yourself, I recommend the loose vagina or fleshlight. It comes in several different designs and is a perfect way to spice up the masturbation session with yourself. The idea is that it should as realistically as possible mimic a real vagina, mouth or anal. Today, the toy also comes with several extra functions such as heat, suction or vibration. 

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  • Read several reviews and tips before choosing which toy to buy . It can really be a jungle out there among sex toys and before you buy something too expensive it can be a good idea to read a little about the different pros and cons
  • Order a sex toy online. It can be nice to order online for the first time to avoid going to a store and shopping. Although sex and masturbation should not be something to be ashamed of, it can feel easier to just click a button anonymously online. You also do not have to worry about parcel delivery understanding what your parcel contains. The vast majority of stores today have very discreet packaging of their goods. 
  • Buy smaller sizes, especially butt plugs and other toys for anal . In order for an anal toy to be really comfortable to use, it is important to get used to the size and touch. It can be really difficult to get a toy in the anal for the first time, so it can be good to choose a smaller size. 
  • Buy lubricant. A lubricant is a must for most sex toys, especially if you buy the ones that are adapted for anal. 
  • Buy a proper and customized cleaning for your sex toys . This is a must. Ordinary soap easily dries out the toys and makes the durability worse. In addition, regular soap never really removes the ingrained bacteria that can occur with regular use of a toy. 


I promise you will not be disappointed. In the jungle of sex toys, there really is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or used to it. Also keep an eye out for the news, as I said, development is fast and with new innovative technology there is really no stopping what is to come when talking about sex toys! 

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