Att starta en sexblogg: Vad måste man tänka på?


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Att starta en sexblogg

Starting a sex blog can be tempting for many, it is both a way to write off and for some it is about fantasies and for others as a financial push. For you, it may be that you want to explore your own sex life and thus meet like-minded people. Today, there are endless sex blogs, so no matter what you think feels interesting and exciting, there are guaranteed to be more than you who find it interesting to read about it. After researching the question of whether to start a sex blog, I only have one answer, yes! 


If you have been thinking about the question, the answer is yes. There are really no downsides to it and whether you get hundreds of readers daily or not, it’s a great way to get an outlet for your innermost thoughts and fantasies. 

Many sex bloggers also see writing as a bit of therapy. Using the blog as a personal diary that is first and foremost for you and your person is seen by many as a positive piece. It really becomes as if you dare to explore your own sexuality in a completely new way and by putting words to emotions you often discover a whole new side of yourself.

Another great advantage of sex blogging is also the feedback you often get when building a following. In society, it is more or less taboo to talk about sex in such an open way as you can actually do in a personal sex blog. To then get comments and feedback on what you write from others with the same or similar experience, many sex bloggers see as something fantastic. 

At the same time having the opportunity to inspire others to more exciting sex and to dare to try something new is a plus on the edge. Because that is exactly what it is, when you dare to open up to others, you often get a completely new view of things. Maybe it’s something you have not experienced before that you after talking to strangers online suddenly feel very interesting and vice versa.

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Being a writer for a sex blog does not necessarily mean that you need to write about your personal sex life. Many choose to write entirely in fiction. Invent a character or several, write a novel or not. The best thing about having your very own blog is that you can 100% choose what it should contain. Maybe you write half your own experiences and the rest fiction? Or you write only on the basis of your own experiences or only on the basis of your own imagination.

Many sex writers create new characters based on themselves or others that they can then control as they wish. Some create a different life online where they in an imaginative way live into the characters and thus create whole stories.

In fact, the vast majority of sex writers live seemingly ordinary lives. Maybe you are a high-ranking banker during the day, but in the evenings a cheeky sex blogger who completely naked expresses your innermost sex fantasies and adventurous experiences in the evening? Maybe you have the blog as an extra gig where you through advertising and collaborations get in a few extra kroner at the checkout every month? No matter why or what you write is really a fun hobby that can very well be developed into something even bigger. 


There are endless topics to write about when it comes to a sex blog. The easiest way to find your particular niche is to examine its interior. What are your fantasies and what do you like to read about yourself? By asking those questions, you will pretty quickly find the topic you are meant to write about. 

For some, as I said, it’s about going into a role and finding character to express their fantasies through. For others, it may be about writing purely about their experience of different sex toys and giving reviews about them. For others, it may well be writing about fetishes, maybe it’s you love role-playing games? Write about what you find interesting and which you find wonderful to write about. 

A blog does not have to be completely defined from the beginning around what it is about. Of course, it is also possible to take up various topics and write about what feels relevant that day. Writing about a topic like sex where there are endless inclinations and preferences almost means that the topics of conversation can never end. There is always something new and exciting to write about as long as you let your imagination run wild. 

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Starting a sex blog can be a great way to meet like-minded peopl

As with everything else, we humans have different preferences. Some like changing partners, others have the same partner all their lives, some have fetishes and others love sex toys. Starting a sex blog and writing about your own fantasies and experiences can be a perfect way to meet others with similar preferences. In the comments field you can get tips, new angles and do not remember open and honest conversations with others.  

Do I have to be hypersexual and adventurous as a person to be interesting?

The answer is simple, no. It all depends on the purpose for which you are writing the sex blog. Some people use a blog as a diary, everything may not have to be sex but can also be about ordinary life. As with everything else, there are preferences, some just want to read about sex adventures, partner changes and crazy antics while others appreciate the simple. Choose to write about what feels most relevant to you. One guideline that I, regardless of your purpose with the blog, will help you along the way is absolute openness and to dare to be naked in their way of telling about their experience and innermost thoughts. 

Tips when choosing to start a sex blog

  • The main tip is to find a nickname or that alias that you sign . Although you should always write about things that you can stand 100% behind, it can be good to actually feel confident that your real name is not printed. 

Although sex should never be something to be ashamed of, it can be difficult if your real name were to be spread in public. Maybe not only then for you but also for people in your vicinity. Therefore, the main recommendation is to use an alias. On a sex blog, you should dare to be open, honest and dare to be yourself, printing your name can then in many ways inhibit it.

  • Use photos and / or videos . This is something many sex bloggers find works well. These images absolutely do not have to be personal or by yourself, but it is just as easy to use other people’s images or animated images. 

  • Another tip is to write about themes . Maybe one week you write about fetishes and another about sex toys. Only the imagination can put a stop to this, but daring to step out of your comfort zone can often lead to people perceiving your content as more interesting.  

  • Dare to be detailed in your posts . Using a lot of details and really describing a feeling or experience really adds to the mood and makes it easier to live into the story.

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The risks of starting a sex blog are few. Sex blogging should primarily be a fun hobby and therefore there are not so many risks. The only thing that can be considered primarily a tip is, as I said, not to sign with your own name. Should your name be spread for unknown reasons, it can actually hurt loved ones. It’s not always fun to know that your daughter, father, mother or brother are talking so openly about sex. Perhaps mainly for children who unfortunately can be harmed in the knowledge of their parents’ private sex life. The same, of course, applies to photos and videos. If you do not want people to know who is behind the text, image or video, you should censor faces and names. 

That being said, sex blogging is virtually risk-free. The most important thing to remember is that it should be a fun hobby and an exciting way to write off. If for some reason it no longer feels fun or in any way threatens your privacy, the blog should be shut down.


Money should not be the reason at all for choosing to start a sex blog. Although many people think that it is so fun that you could actually write about sex full time, few make it go around. You can, just like on any other blog, make money from advertising and collaborations with companies, but with the risk that the blog loses its personal touch.

See blogging as something exciting, something that is only yours, dare to share and inspire others and above all dare to be personal. 


Do you, like me, have a lot of thoughts and fantasies that would need to be vented, start a blog. It’s really wonderful to be able to write off and put into words those feelings and fantasies that you previously only dared to dream about!

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