Vad händer om man runkar eller onanerar för mycket?


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Runka eller onanera för mycket

Many people have probably at one time or another thought about what can happen if you masturbate too much, especially at the beginning of your sexual awakening when the opportunities can be innumerable. Not least, the myths about masturbation have been many historically, and to some extent the stigma lives on. Is it possible to masturbate too much? Can it affect fertility, or even be dangerous?


Masturbation is something wonderful in itself, and something most people sometimes engage in to varying degrees. Satisfying oneself fulfills many different functions. The most obvious is the pleasure aspect, and that man strives for pleasure in himself. From an early age, people begin to explore their bodies and notice that certain touches are satisfying. Masturbation is a way for many to relax and unwind, for example before going to bed. During orgasm, a number of positive hormones are released that contribute to well-being and peace of mind. Masturbating a lot can therefore improve mood and reduce stress , which are very positive effects!

Another aspect of masturbation is that it is a way to satisfy the sexual drive with which all humans and animals are born, with a few exceptions. For those who live in a relationship, it is more often easier to satisfy these urges, but even people in relationships may feel that they need to supplement their sex life with masturbation. A large group who masturbate often are those who for various reasons do not have a sexual partner. This may be because the person has not had sex for the first time, or because the person for other reasons cannot or does not want to have sex with others. Then masturbation can be a good way to satisfy the operation.


Asking how often it is appropriate to jerk off or masturbate before it becomes too much is an impossible question to answer. The answer probably does not lie in the fact that there are a certain number of occasions or hours that are over the limit, but are highly individual and depend on several factors. One person can masturbate for more than one occasion a day without it being unhealthy, while others get a destructive relationship to self-satisfaction of less than that . Like other enjoyable phenomena such as sex, alcohol consumption, computer games or porn watching, jerking off can also be exaggerated. There is no form that can definitively determine whether the behavior is unhealthy or not. If you want to know if your masturbation has crossed the line, there are some questions you can ask yourself and think about:

  • Do I feel bad and feel abstinent on days when there is no opportunity or time to masturbate?
  • Does masturbation affect my rest of my life, such as work or relationships?
  • Are there times when I feel compelled to masturbate even though I’m not really that hungry?
  • Am I masturbating more and more, and is it hard to stop?

If the answer to the questions is “yes”, it may be time to think about what you can do to change the situation, and try to figure out what it can be based on. Lack of closeness and intimacy in general? Is it a compulsive way to relieve anxiety or boredom? For many people, wonderful and healthy things can become compulsive. Then masturbation generates more stress and negative emotions than positive ones. Someone who masturbates too much might feel that it is more fun to be at home and have sex with themselves than to go out and live their life.

Even if you may not believe it, there is something you can call masturbation addiction .

deon black CYUybSQ886c unsplash

Another negative thing about masturbating too much is that you can get so used to having an orgasm from masturbation that it becomes difficult to have sex with someone else. One solution in that situation may be to show your partner how you want to be satisfied, and see it as a challenge to develop sexually together.


The answer to this question is simply NO. It does not affect the ability to conceive as a woman, or to have a worse chance of fertilizing a woman’s egg. From this aspect, masturbation is not a negative thing.

If anything, masturbation can contribute to a healthy sexuality and greater desire for sex, which in itself increases the chance of pregnancy!


Physically, it is difficult to masturbate so much that it would be dangerous or harmful. Anyone who masturbates very hard and in large quantities could possibly suffer from abrasions. Anyone who is prone to abrasions in the intimate regions should use some kind of lubricant and ensure that jerking does not turn into compulsive behavior. Obsessive-compulsive behaviors can negatively affect mental health and also cause major problems for those suffering from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Another way that could be harmful is if the person jerking off does not take care of his hand hygiene properly and gets bacteria into the abdomen. The intimate regions are sensitive in many ways, not least because of all the mucous membranes that cause dirt and chemicals to enter the blood very easily if hand hygiene is not maintained.


The vast majority of people masturbate to just the right extent, in some cases even too little. Anyone who in the end still comes to the conclusion that masturbation has gone out of control, can try to find other ways to enjoy and unwind to vary with. A total ban on masturbation is probably not needed, but some people may feel good about jerking off a little less and engaging in something else instead.

An alternative can be to get a stress ball, fidget spinner or other aid that makes it easier for those who want to do something with their hands but do not want to use them to jerk off. For some, masturbation can be a result of restlessness that does not get out, and then it may be a good idea to get energy out in another way. For those who are creative, crochet or other needlework can be a good form of variation.

Some may need to have rules to reduce their frequency of masturbation. Decide that masturbation should only take place at a specific time of the day, for example before going to bed. Others may benefit from writing in their calendar which days they are allowed to masturbate.

If you feel that masturbation takes over your life, you can use the same principles as you do with those who are deeply dependent on something else. To replace the masturbation period with something else. For example, the time in the morning or evening that you intend to masturbate, you do something that gives you stimulation in another way, such as a running round or simply something that makes you think of something else. This is a training thing and is definitely not easy. The most important thing is to be aware of when it is TOO much.


Ultimately, masturbation is something positive and healthy that contributes to good mood. Most people have some form of “load”, and of all the loads that can be carried, masturbation is one of the least risky. Masturbating too much during some period of one’s life, for example when the sex life is otherwise unsatisfactory, is usually not a big problem. Unlike many other behaviors, it usually does not affect the economy or health. Masturbate and enjoy orgasms as well as the positive health effects that come with it!

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