Var kan man ha sex? 9 olika ställen att ha sex på


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Sex is one of our basic needs and natural urges. It is enjoyable, a source of emotional as well as physical intimacy and can be one of the finest things a person can share with another human being. One aspect that is often forgotten is that sex can and should be fun. For those who may not be new to the clip or have been with the same partner for a long time, a little inspiration on how it can be fun and exciting again may be in order. Life is too short to just run the missionary in the bedroom! Take inspiration below, sit down with your partner and write a bucket list of new fun places to lie down that you can bite into together.

Out in the blue

One of the craziest, funniest and most risky places to have sex is in an airplane. Have you heard of the 10,000-meter club? It is said to be the company you automatically become a member of when you have had sex up in the air. How many are members of this club is difficult to calculate, but probably fewer than you think. If you still want to try your hand at this place for sex that will definitely be a memory for life, here are some tips. For many reasons, a long-haul flight across the Atlantic is preferable to a domestic flight where people barely have time to pull out a book to read before they arrive. Wait until the people around you have fallen asleep before you and your partner sneak off to the toilet …

In the furniture store

There are probably some people who have somehow managed to have sex at IKEA. Extremely sinful, fun and a risky place to get it. A difficult one, but in a slightly less well-attended furniture store there is the opportunity to find one or two corners. Why not crawl into the nearest closet together?

The job

mario gogh VBLHICVh lI unsplash

Another crazy and fun place is at work. How this is to be done and how risky it will be is of course entirely dependent on what kind of workplace you have. If you work in a restaurant, it can be relatively easy to sneak into the bathroom or a storage room and giggle to get started. It will be really fun and strange if it is a serious workplace where you work quietly and focused. If you succeed here, you are guaranteed to get a boost in your sex life. If you are discovered, you can count on a call from the boss and that the news spreads like wildfire. Be prepared to be drawn by nicknames for the rest of your career.



Something that can feel extremely mischievous is having sex in your partner’s childhood home. There is something sinful about seeing their sex partner in the habitat that used to be their girl / boy room. However, make sure not to be discovered by the in-laws, a hot tip.



The next time you go out for a beer or dinner with your partner, make yourself nice and fresh, put on nice underwear and drip during dinner that you should sneak away for some fun when the food is eaten. Definitely fun and breaks away from everyday life!



If you are traveling, there is a fun tip in some countries, for example in many countries in South America. Argentina is one such country where many married couples, as well as dating young people who do not have their own accommodation visit hourly hotels when it’s time to go to bed. Had it been a matter of boring, rigid hotel rooms, it would have been one thing. The hourly hotels are creative, crazy and fun places to warm up your sex life. How about being able to choose between a pirate room with a bed in the shape of a ship, a room with a Caribbean theme or a room with a Lego theme? Choose and wreck between the options, giggle and enjoy with your partner. The price is affordable and everything is handled with the utmost discretion!



This option is especially good for those who do not have a regular partner and need to solve this issue, or simply want to make their sex life more social than it is. The world of swingers is bigger than most people think. In most major cities, it is possible to join a community of open-minded, fun and adventurous people who are happy to share their partners or want to have sex with several during the same evening while others watch. The ages are more scattered than most people expect. Go ahead and dive into this exciting world!

Abroad, for example in Berlin, there are often adventurous rooms in nightclubs where it is possible to have sex with strangers in total darkness. This is an option for daring people who are aroused by the thought of going somewhere and not knowing who they will have sex with.


However, these options require great care regarding protection, making sure not to agree to unprotected sex under any circumstances. Sexually transmitted diseases are a major risk in these environments.



lukasz szmigiel jFCViYFYcus unsplash

Definitely a favorite, which can be absolutely wonderful as well as terribly uncomfortable. Nature is a broad concept that includes many different places to have sex. One of the first to think about is on a beach by the sea. Hear the sound of the waves, look up at the stars on a reasonably soft surface. A winning concept simply! Be sure to bring a large blanket as you do not want sand to get into your private parts. This option requires choosing a place with care.

Do not choose to have sex in the middle of Copacabana during the day. However, many beaches are surprisingly empty at night, take advantage of this!


Out in nature, there are endless possibilities. A small forest glade can be a wonderful place for this. Finish with a picnic. Some couples choose to climb mountains and have sex on top, a real “peak experience”. Other tips are in the water, which some people appreciate a lot, out on the mushroom trip, on archipelago cliffs or in the tent on the camping trip.



It is not absolutely necessary to go to new exciting places to vary your sex life. If you always have sex before bedtime, it’s time to try something new. Step number one is to make sure you have sex in every single room in the home. Hallen? Throw away your delicious piece of clothing as soon as you get inside the door (with consent of course …).

In the kitchen, a very hot alternative is to throw your partner on the kitchen counter. Many couples appreciate shower sex, but beware of the risk of slipping! Another thing that is underestimated is the sofa. There are opportunities for many comfortable and comfortable positions.



Finally, a few words about politeness and security may be in order. Having sex in a public place and being discovered is not only disrespectful, inappropriate (especially if there are children in the picture!) And embarrassing; it is also illegal. Make sure to find the right balance between having it exciting and tickling and not being discovered. During the act itself, as long as it is not in the deepest forest, be sure to keep it all reasonably quiet. Few people appreciate going to a public restroom and hearing the moan from the booth next door.


Have fun, be creative and think outside the box, then the concept of having sex in new places will take you and your sex partners to new heights!

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