Vad är en analdusch och hur använder jag den?


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If it’s time to try something new with your partner, it can be good to know what an anal shower is for something. No matter how we twist and turn the facts, it is actually the case that the buttocks are not just a part that you can use during sex. Come along to learn how to use an anal shower safely and which one is right for you.

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Why do I need an anal shower?

A shower like this is simply for all of you who intend to have sex in hole number two. For many people, it is natural to worry about what might happen and that it can be disgusting in so many different ways. An anal shower is available to clean before anal sex and help remove focus from the negative so you can focus on the amazing instead.

It can also suit you who simply want to feel fresh down there when your partner walks down on you. Then there is always a risk that the scent is there if you are not clean enough.

An anal shower can suit you if:

  1. You want to try something new but are worried that there will be an accident
  2. You want to feel fresh and not smell bad during regular sex

How does it work?

An anal shower works more or less like a high pressure washer fixed to your anal. The purpose of the shower is that you should be able to clean all residues of feces in your buttocks because there are always some residues left. It is possible to only wash the outside in the shower as usual, but it also entails the risk that the inside is not clean at all and an accident can still occur.

It is very easy to use an anal shower

  1. Start by filling the product with cold or lukewarm water
  2. Apply lubricant to make it easier to get into
  3. (Feel free to sit on the toilet) – Empty the entire contents inside the back. You do not have to aim
  4. Try to keep the water inside for 10-20 seconds and then release
  5. Repeat until nothing more than water comes out (usually takes 2-3 times)

Then do not forget to quickly wash the product with soap and water to get rid of bacteria and odors before it dries.

To think about when buying

There is not much to think about when buying. What can be good to know is that these “automatic” anal showers and other nonsense are totally unnecessary as a fairly basic anal shower does the job really well. The most important thing is that it should be easy to use and even easier to wash.

It can be a great advantage to acquire a water-based lubricant at the same time to make it easier to insert the nozzle when cleaning.

Actually, there are two different variants of an anal shower that are worth thinking about. One is a regular anal shower and the other is an anal shower as a nozzle. So either you can use it in front of the toilet or in the shower. (however, you can do it with both)

Usually you want to be in the shower because it will be easier to rinse off if there is dirt in the wrong places. No, the smell will not be a problem. You should not poop in the shower.

Of course, there are anal showers that stimulate at the same time, but I would actually say that the only time you should not go for the toy that stimulates the most is when you talk about cleaning the anal.

Which anal shower suits me?

We will not go particularly deep into what may suit different people as there are quite a few different types. Do you want an anal shower that works great and is cheap but at the same time simple; Then choose number 1.
Do you want an anal shower that you can use as a shower nozzle; Then choose number 2. It does not have to be more difficult than that.

There are thus no major differences from competitors, but all are made of the same material and are very similar in every way.

1. Sinful Anal Douche



Simple, Cheap and fully functional!

Anal shower from sinful



Do your job exactly as it is meant
Sinful’s own anal shower works perfectly to clean itself in the very best way. The top is removable to easily wash the entire container.

I actually do not think you need to comment much more than that.

Price: DKK 159


See product (Sinful)



2. Anal Douche Duschmunstycke



Works for almost all shower hoses

Anal shower nozzle



For those of you who want a discreet shower nozzle
With this nozzle, you simply screw on the shower on the shower hose and then use the shower water to clean.

Remember not to use too hot water or too hard a jet as it can make you sick to your stomach later in the day!

Price: DKK 159


See product (Sinful)

Se product (Mshop)


Why you should trust me



After a long experience of previously tested sex toys, I have a great understanding of most things in the sex toy industry. I’m not here to sell you the most expensive sex toys, but I’m here precisely because the comparative items available are so incredibly money-oriented. Hope you learned something!

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