Viagras effekt på män och ungdomar


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Viagras effekt på män och ungdomar

As it becomes easier to obtain prescription medicines, it also brings with it some questions. An increasing trend among young people is to use Viagra during intercourse. These are often used in connection with alcohol to help with the difficulties of getting a stand when you have drunk too much alcohol. Is It Dangerous For Young People To Take Viagra? Can you mix Alcohol and Viagra? What side effects can you expect when taking Viagra as a teenager? 


Viagra is a prescription drug used to counteract erectile dysfunction, problems getting and maintaining stamina. Most often, men get these problems at the age of 40-60 when the natural testosterone levels in the body drop in the body. The medicine does not work to increase sex drive but only helps to accelerate blood flow to the muscles and to the penis.

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Viagra is a word many people know and it is not so strange when over 50% get problems that viagra can solve at some point in life. 

Young people usually use viagra for parties when they have drunk too much alcohol . But it is also often used as an aid to alleviate performance anxiety before intercourse. Problems with maintaining the stock are quite common among young people and therefore many choose this path even though it is illegal to buy.


How long the substance works has to do with several factors such as age, health, dose and if you have just eaten. The most common dose for a well-functioning viagra session for a man of 80 kg is 50 mg . They should preferably be taken on an empty stomach for best effect.

It usually takes about 30-45 minutes for full effect and is then effective for about 3-5 hours.
Sometimes the effect can last until you wake up the next day.

Note that viagra should not be mixed with medicines that lower blood pressure. The medications then take each other out and the effect on Viagra can be absent. 


In the vast majority of cases, viagra is not the first thing to turn to when you have problems with your condition or it is difficult to maintain your condition. Usually there is instead an underlying problem as to why you have problems getting it and then viagra is not the right answer.

Find the root of the problem, is it because you do not really know what to do or maybe it’s because you’re afraid of losing your estate? 

The very best way to know if you really need to use viagra is to talk to your doctor and go through your problems. Maybe there is a need for viagra even if you have not turned 40 yet. 

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Adolescents and viagra

There are no reported side effects in adolescents that would be worse than in adults when using viagra. However, there are psychological effects that can contribute to it in young people in the long run. 

Taking a tablet every time before sex to feel safe can have a dangerous effect back. In the end, you will not want to have sex or for that matter “dare” to have sex without having viagra in your pocket. It works just like with milder eating disorders and fixations; it will feel like a compulsion to use viagra during intercourse. When you then have sex without viagra, the anxiety and the standing problem will be extremely much more difficult. 

Always try to find the cause of the problems before turning to tablets. Shortcuts work, but not for long. 

If you still decide to use viagra, it is better to decide to only use these when it is party and alcohol that reduces your sex drive. Then it can instead help you to have a better one-time sleep = less anxiety the next day! 

Instead of always using viagra, we recommend buying a penis ring instead. A penis ring works by stopping the blood that is in the penis and makes it easier to both maintain the position and to stay longer in bed. In the article below you can read more about different penis rings!

According to the site, we recommend looking at the set as different sizes can give different effects, the ring should sit hard but not so hard that it hurts.

Side effects of viagra

There are some side effects of viagra but not everyone gets them. 

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • No Appetite
  • Thick neck
  • Difficult to swallow food
  • Stands that hurt

    There is a good trick to avoid almost all side effects when you take viagra and that is to take both nasal spray and an Ipren when you take viagra.
    This helps against drowsiness, headaches and the thick throat.
    Keep in mind that you often snore a lot more when you take viagra, so an extra spray of nasal spray before bed is recommended.

    If you take too high a dose, these side effects can be much harder and the blood pressure can give the feeling of migraine, you can get conditions that hurt so much that you can not have intercourse, the throat can become so thick that you can not get the food down and dizziness that ruins the rest of the evening.

    After all, this is a drug and if you use it in moderation and in the right amount, it can help you out of your sex problems. 

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