Är det farligt att runka när man är sjuk?


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Can you masturbate even though you have an ongoing infection / inflammation in your body? Is it dangerous to jerk off even though you have a fever? We have the answer!

In today’s article, we will go through something that believe it or not is searched for far too often to not have a good answer. There is a certain charm to writing articles about condoms and lubricants, but being asked to go through whether it is good or bad to jerk off when you are sick probably beats most things. Hope you get a safe jerking off!

An orgasm strengthens your immune system. When you jerk off, your body secretes dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which makes you feel better. Therefore, it can be good to jerk off when you are at home and sick. Since an orgasm can also help against stress, it also works well for preventive purposes. 


There are both positive and negative things about jerking off or masturbating when you are sick. On the positive side, there are the same effects as when you go to the gym or are out running, and on the other hand, masturbation requires energy.

This simply means that masturbation can be a thief that takes energy from the body that it is actually trying to use to get well. The general tip for jerking off if you are ill is to see it as going to the gym. Would you have gone to the gym if you were in the state of health you are in now? If the answer is no, then you should just go and rest instead.

If the answer is yes, there are many more positive effects of jerking off when you are sick.

It is important that if the body is exhausted, you should respect this. Not letting the body recover from a cold or illness can make it worse. If you feel very ill, there is still no better cure than rest and time.

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Masturbation for preventive purposes

Masturbation just like exercise and previously mentioned can be very good for your health and immune system. Masturbating in solitude can secrete happiness hormones and love hormones in your body and give you a feeling of well-being. Not to mention how good an orgasm is at removing stress from the mind.

I would say that it may not be possible to jerk off healthy as jerking off is physically demanding on the body and you can tense all possible muscles without you noticing it. It can increase your inflammation in the body if you overwork yourself with a cold.

A mild fever can be compared to going out and walking. If you feel that you could go out and walk, you can also touch yourself. 

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In summary

But to sum up the question itself, the answer is sadly both yes and no. It is not dangerous to jerk off when you are sick. You can jerk off both when you have a fever or have a cold. But when you have a fever or a cold, it is best to rest as the body tries to use the energy to get well.
It can be good to jerk off for prevention as an orgasm secretes happiness hormones and reduces stress.

Is it then dangerous to jerk off when you are sick? Answer no. Jerk off!

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