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It is perhaps a fear that all men suffer from more or less, the inability to be able to stand when required. For some reason, the problem has become something very shameful and something to joke about. Why should it be embarrassing that a part of your body sometimes does not do what you want? Whatever the case, many men have major problems with not being able to stand, also called erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be many, and to find the right treatment or remedy, it is important to know what the problem may be. If it is a problem that also occurs during single sex, or a problem that arises suddenly later in life or with a new medication, the cause may be physical. Some men have too low levels of the sex hormone testosterone which can be caused by various disease states or obesity. Other physical reasons for having difficulty getting up can be:

  • diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • neurological diseases, such as MS
  • narrowing of blood vessels

Otherwise, it is often about mental causes, or life-related causes. Depression can, for example, make sex life more difficult in various ways, including erection problems.

Tips for getting it done

Fortunately, most people who have difficulty getting by or staying tough throughout intercourse can try many tips and tricks. Below are some examples of things to try and some details about these:

  • Aid
  • Get professional help
  • Work on the problem together with your sex partner
  • Other tips and tricks to get by


There are several aids that can be used for those who have difficulty getting an erection. Surf to a website that sells sex toys and botanize!

A common product that is easy to get hold of and is a cheap investment is the penis ring.
A penis ring is a soft ring of usually silicone or other soft material that is worn on the penis when it is slack. What it does is make it harder for the blood to rush back from the penis once it has become hard and full of blood. It becomes a kind of stasis that helps keep the penis hard. Not only do men with difficulty maintaining their condition appreciate penis rings, many other men appreciate its effects! Penis rings come in different designs and price ranges. From the simple, discreet to cooler versions in different colors and shapes for those who prefer it. A fun thing to try is a vibrating penis ring that adds extra pleasure both to the person wearing it but also to partners.

In this article below you can read about penis rings!

Another aid for those who have a slightly bigger problem with the erection is a penis pump. The penis pump is pulled over the penis before intercourse and you then pump it up properly to a strong position. A penis ring helps to maintain the position and intercourse can then be carried out without problems! The downside of the penis pump is that it can feel a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable with a new sex partner. For those who may have a steady sex partner with whom they feel comfortable, the penis pump can be a perfect alternative that does not cause side effects and at the same time is effective.

In the article below you can read more about the penis pumps!

Work on the problem together with your sex partner

In many cases, the problems are mental and can be remedied together with a sexual partner. Especially if it is not a problem during masturbation, or if it often happens together with a new partner. Step one is to talk about the problem. Having a hard time getting through sex over and over again will be the elephant in the room that stresses both parties. Address that it is a problem that has to do with nervousness and pressure .

Try having sex in other ways that are not penetrating for a while. Enjoy and be comfortable together, and do not see penetration as a goal. In time, it will release.

Unfortunately, sex is surrounded by a lot of achievement and pressure to be persistent, especially for men . This performance anxiety is the last thing a slack penis needs. Make sure you have a partner who is empathetic, kind and understanding and lets things take time.

Get professional help

It can be a good idea to take professional help if you have tried different tips and it still does not help. For those who are a little older or those who take medication that makes it more difficult to get it, it is often a particularly good alternative.

There are two different ways to go for those who have difficulty being hard through intercourse, you can seek help from a doctor or a sexologist.

A sexologist is a specialist in intimacy and sexuality , both on a physical but also a mental level. Their help ranges from giving constructive tips on different ways to have sex that help the person with problems, to processing mental barriers and tensions that often get in the way. This is a good alternative for those who know that they do not have physical problems to get a stand, but rather have difficulty maintaining the stand with a partner. So for those who have more of a problem in their head than a physical problem getting their penis up.

Going to the doctor for help with various sexual problems should be as natural as seeking help for a sore throat. Although it often feels difficult and embarrassing to seek help for this type of problem in care, there is probably no doctor or nurse who thinks it is something strange. There are more men than you think who seek care for erection problems. Lots more!

felicia montenegro XFjVFgvfOPQ unsplash

For those who may be older or for some other biological reason have difficulty getting hard, there are medications that can help. Most people have probably heard of Viagra, a vasodilator drug that was originally for people with heart problems but which turned out to have a positive side effect for men with erection problems. This is a pill that is taken a while before intercourse and that works for a few hours. Many are the men who have become tremendously helpful with this drug. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions regarding this medicine and do not buy any medicines from unsafe sources online. For those who can not take viagra, there are other drugs to take that also increase the ability to stand. It can be creams, syringes and tubes that are inserted into the mouth of the penis.


Some men take drugs that can reduce the ability to get an erection, such as many types of psychotropic drugs . If you are taking such a medicine and you have erection problems: talk to your doctor to draw up an action plan.

Other tips and tricks to get by

Sometimes you do not need to do anything particularly complicated to fix a problem.

Many men have experienced that alcohol causes them to relax. This does not apply to everyone, but if you know that you have a hard time getting hard just after a couple of glasses, then avoid drinking more than that if you are at a party or a date and expect adventure afterwards. It is good and fun to drink alcohol in social contexts, but it may also be wise to weigh the pros against the cons. Save the karate drink for a boy’s night and otherwise try to drink a little less. As we mentioned in our article on how to stay in bed longer, it can also be a good idea to drink but not drink too much!

Otherwise, it is always good to try to live as healthy as possible in all other ways. Stress less and change your lifestyle so that it is sustainable. Exercise, eat healthy, sleep properly and do not smoke. To take care of one’s body is to take care of one’s bud, and this also includes the ability to stand.


Difficulties in getting pregnant can to some extent also be due to porn damage, that you have become accustomed to being stimulated by porn, which is often extreme. If so, try staying away from porn for a while.



Because there are so many different ways to solve their difficulties to get by. Wouldn’t it be unnecessarily sad not to get over them when there are options for just about everyone? Do not hesitate and address the problem today.

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