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A question that may seem so obvious but which is not talked about much. What do guys really like in bed? What does the perfect fit look like for a guy?

According to surveys , the best sex is between 10 – 25 minutes. According to the same surveys, the average sex is around 2-3 minutes long. Unfortunately, the answers to the surveys also say that it is not the woman’s fault but usually the men’s fault. Which leads us to why one might not put so much focus on what the guy likes in bed. Maybe that’s also why the emphasis is all the more on the girls and the girls’ orgasms.

Today we go through what guys really like in bed. We will not go to extremes as there can be an incredible difference from what normal reality says. This article will be about what maybe 80-90% of all guys like that you as a girl or partner do in bed.

A partner who takes care of himself

It does not matter who I asked. I always got this answer back from all my friends and after all my research. A girl who does nothing at all and does not touch the guy is something that for most guys is a big no ! It is important for almost all guys that even their sex partner takes care of himself in bed.

A good sex partner is a partner who dares to take on, who dares to grab, feel and squeeze. It does not have to be very difficult, more than letting the mind control and not the fear. Let go and do exactly what you feel like and you will go a long way. No one will be angry or sad that you touch them during the sex act.

2. Show how you like it

For many guys, sex is not just about the nice and beautiful. For many guys, sex is related to anxiety. Performance anxiety because you do not really know how to do is something that can ruin the whole feeling and then you as a partner can be the great salvation.
Show how you like it and if it does not feel nice, instead show how he should do to make it nice.

All girls are different and everyone is differently sensitive, so it’s also very nice for a guy to know that you actually like what we do and would not rather have done anything else. Show, it helps both you and the guy!

Guys like confirmation

Even if not all guys need it, I would say that the majority would not be sad to hear that they are good-looking, sexy or, for example, that they are beautiful.
If there was any thought of anxiety before, I promise it will go away if you give him compliments. It is the closest thing to giving you an orgasm we can get in the feeling. It simply feels good.

4. Take it easy

In the article below, we describe the problem that many girls do. Usually guys do not do it as they themselves know how it feels. (if you have a male partner)

For those of you who do not want to read the article, I can sum it up by saying that it is important not to be too harsh when jerking off a guy.

Something that is quite interesting also is that many girls do not come from the hard penetration but the best way seems to be to calm down with a sex toy and calm sex until orgasm. And then you solve both the problem that the guy comes too fast and the problem that the girl does not come at all.
Make love?

5. Focus on your own orgasm

Here comes an important point!
Focus on your own orgasm. Try to get an orgasm yourself and not for the guy to have an orgasm. There is nothing as sexy as seeing the girl you are sleeping with have an orgasm, nor is there anything nicer than being inside at the same time when the girl arrives.

What I want to say with this is that if you succeed in coming yourself, you will fulfill a lot of things for the guy.
1. Confirmation that he made you come (even if it was your merit)
2. He will probably come himself, that you will come.
3. You have taken for granted. Which he likes.
4. You have shown how you like it.
5. You will never get rid of him because he thinks you are so incredibly sexy.

6. Get closer

Vicinity. Intimacy. Get closer to him, pull his body towards you. There is nothing better than being close to a person you want to be close to. Guys like that too.

7. More confirmation

Do not exaggerate but say what you feel. Is he handsome? Say it! We love to hear that we are not useless in bed. In a study done on 142 couples, it became very clear that it was important for boys that they knew they were doing a good job.

A guy who knows he’s doing a good job also gets even hornier, releases a little more on the barriers and says even more what he thinks of you.

8. Have little empathy

It is perhaps a rather difficult thing to force. But it does not have to be harder than trying to release as many of your mental barriers as you can while having sex. Do what you feel like. When you jerk off him, then kiss him or maybe rub your body against him at the same time. Have a little empathy.

pablo heimplatz 252c3DVk6gk unsplash


It can be difficult sometimes to interpret what guys actually like. But it’s actually no harder than asking. In most cases, I can promise you that he has more thought to perform than you have and if you can then be the first to ask what he thinks, he will do the same to you. Communication does not have to be more difficult than that.

Well then maybe you say “But if I do not dare ask him then?”. There is no harder answer than having sex with the wrong guy in such cases.

Often you can also feel a guy’s movements whether he enjoys or not. A guy is usually a little quieter than girls, but at the same time, their bodies say all the more. If you feel that he is pushing you closer, pulling you closer (with empathy), I promise he will enjoy. A still body that does not move within the next few seconds or feels active in sex is then a warning bell. If it is not so now that it is so he is of course.

Are there more things you think we’ve missed? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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