Är det farligt att ha sex när man är sjuk?


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är det farligt att ha sex när man är sjuk

Having sex when you are sick is usually something that can feel right at the moment. And afterwards. But then the fever and the cold creep in again. What should you really do? Can it hurt to have sex when you have a cold or a fever?

We have previously reviewed whether it is dangerous to jerk off when you are ill and today it is time for the sex part. I usually compare sex to exercising. To go to the gym or to go out and run. Then I think about whether I had run or been out and about. Usually I have sex anyway, even if I had not set foot in the running track. How dangerous is it really?

How sick are you really?

We start by excluding illness that makes you absolutely unable to have sex. If you are very feverish and feel that you can barely get out of bed, it is a matter of course not to have sex. But what is it really like if it’s a cold or you just have a sore throat?

If you feel that you have a cold, there are still some things you should think about before you have sex.

The dangers of having sex in case of illness

We start by going through the things that are pretty obvious:


By having sex when you start to get a sore throat or are ill, there is a very high risk that you will infect your partner. A kiss is the worst friend of a cold and can ruin both you and your partner.

Body recovery

Here comes the thought of asking yourself: would I have gone to the gym if I felt this way?
If the answer is yes, then I do not really understand why you searched this article.
If the answer is no, it is important to understand that the reason why no doctor recommends that you go out for a run or, for example, get a massage when you have an inflammation in the body is because the body needs recovery . It also means you should rest. Rest from exercise and rest from sex.

However, this is most important if you have an ongoing cold with a fever or if it has not really broken out yet. If you are at the end of your cold or there is only a cough left, there is no problem with having sex.

It does not help

There is not really any danger that it does not help you from getting well but it is still something to keep in mind that sex does not help you get well faster. If there is one thing that it should help with, it is for preventive purposes. That is, before you become ill.

According to studies, it shows that an orgasm can help against stress and prevent disease. It can give you a higher immune system by helping the body to de-stress and release joy hormones in the form of endorphins.

kelly sikkema RmByg5kFfQg unsplash


By having sex regularly and having orgasms, it helps the body to relax and both give you the training you need but also the fitness you need. (if you do not come too fast and can not bear to have more sex, that is).

Sex makes people happy and happy people often also cope better with illnesses that are related to mood.


No. It is not dangerous to have sex when you have a mild illness. It is recommended to let your body recover instead of having sex when you have a cold or a fever. Sex is better to use for preventive purposes to stay healthy and in good shape.

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