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Something that is talked about far too little is sex addiction. They are around you, you may be addicted without knowing it. What is a sex addiction really based on? Is there really anything that can be called sex addiction?

What is Sex Addiction?

A sex addiction is a kind of addiction when you can not be without sex. There is no direct definition, but you can easily say that a sex addiction is an addiction when it goes so far as to negatively affect your everyday life. It can also be that it hurts you financially or destroys relationships because you are addicted to sex.
When you can no longer influence yourself if you have sex with people who can have negative consequences, then you can classify yourself as the category of sex addiction.

There are no tablets for sex addiction but there are other ways to go when you feel that the problems are starting to get too big.

Example of a sex addiction

  • You play on people’s feelings to have sex with them
  • You can not keep a relationship long-term because you can not just have one sex partner
  • You think about sex all the time and it disturbs your thoughts in everyday life
  • You can not stop yourself from having sex even though it gives you negative consequences
  • You have a lot of anxiety about having sex
  • You have several sex partners and lie about it
  • You neglect important things to have sex and it affects you negatively

What should I do if I have a problem?

You can always contact us at Kondomguiden to discuss your problems. There is help available if you feel that it has gone too far. It can often feel like your own problems are not bad enough to need help. But do not forget that the feeling can be the same even if your problems are smaller than someone else’s. If you feel that you need help, you probably need it too. Do not be afraid to contact us!

There are no tablets to reduce sex drive immediately. It is usually worst in young people during puberty and during the 20-30 years. Then it tends to get smaller and smaller. But it also does not matter as it can affect people in incredibly negative ways and therefore it is important to solve the problems in time.

It is basically the same as having a gambling addiction, but that instead of it being financial you get problems, you get problems mentally and maybe with illnesses, rumors in town or poor self-esteem.

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This may be a little sick, but having a sex toy that really sucks the last thing out of you can actually be an incredibly good salvation to calm your sex drive. This does not mean that the horniness will disappear but it can help you make choices that are more sober than if you are incredibly horny at the moment.
If you’re a girl, I would have gotten one hundred percent a good air pressure vibrator . (click on the word to get to the article)
If you are a guy, the best thing is a “satisfier for guys”

The most important thing I would say though is to become aware of your problem.



Since you have come to this article, I guess you are quite aware that you have problems. It is good. It also means that you can start working on the problems immediately and that you know when you feel that you are doing something you should not do. It is not easy and since it can be difficult to talk to someone about their problems, it can be perfect to, for example, talk to someone you can be anonymous with like us!

It is important to make it difficult for yourself but also to set rules for how you should behave when you feel that it goes too far.

Here are some examples of things you can do:
1. Do you feel uncontrollably horny – Use your sex toy and then think about whether you should still do what you intend to do.
2. If you feel that what you intend to do can hurt you – decide something you must do every time the thought comes, make it a habit. For example, out and running.
3. Tell a close friend that you feel you have a problem – let your friend decide if it’s okay or not to do what you intend to do.
4. Understand that you should not stop having sex. You just have to get away from it all.

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